Immortal Emperor

2. Talons of Deprecation


The attack on Terminal 509 has left it terribly undermanned and Captain Gallus is in dire need of intelligence. While the daily briefings have been suspended, the captain has asked for your presence on the deck.
“The sabotage attempt of the Word Bearers has left us in a state of turmoil. It has also provided us with treachery in our midsts. I’m now certain that I can trust you as your concerted actions during the attack where beyond reproach. We have confirmed the identity of the frigate that attacked the station. It is the Gladius-class Frigate Vampire, currently assigned to the in-system Navy 918th Reserve Group.”
The captain reaches for a rune on the holodisplay in front of him.
“Here is a manifest sent to us by Port Sol Invictus. Whether the Imperial Navy knows that we are tracking this frigate or not, does not matter at this moment, and as all their forces are locked down in the defence of the space port we shouldn’t encounter problems with them turning on us. The manifest comes from the Free Shipping Guild and there is also a name attached. You will examine this document to the best of your abilities, travel to Populonia, clear the name of the captain of heresy or dispatch him if you find him traitor, bring the Word Bearers to justice and finally disclose if this treachery is part of a greater scheme.”

Primary Objectives:
- Follow the trail of the Vampire to Populonia and the Free Shipping Guild.
- Capture or destroy the Vampire.
- If possible, capture the crew of the Vampire and bring them back to Terminal 509.

Secondary Objectives:
- Locate Azanigin Tactical Squad and their leader, Brother Chaplain Halrun

Tertiary Objectives:
- Seek to discover how far the heresy reaches.

Player Handouts 2



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