Army Colonel Aldo Tercius

Colonel Aldo Tercius, commander 9th Iron Guards Regiment


“Who told you to die? Keep shooting!!”

Colonel Aldo Tercius is the ruthless but respected commander of the 20.000 men and women in the 9th Iron Guards Regiment, the “Folorn Hope” of the Imperial Army.

Aldo has shed blood with his soldiers on a dozen worlds in a dozen trenches for three decades. He leads his Iron Guards from the front, from the cupola of his converted self-propelled gun command tank. He and his regiment are known to charge into impossible odds and still carry the day.


•9th Iron Guards Regiment “Forlorn Hope” (20.000 men, 2.000 armored personnel carriers, 27 SPG’s). The regiment is scheduled to be assigned to the 4th Expedition Fleet of the I Legion Astartes (Dark Angles).

Army Colonel Aldo Tercius

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