Consul Gaius Cassar Varna IV

Current Ruler of Sol Invictus


Gaius Cassar Varna IV is lord of the Propontis Estates on Cassandria and current elected Consul (ruler) of the United Republic.

A stern conservative, Cassar Varna’s rule has been marred by corruption scandals and popular unrest in several of Populonia’s Hive Cities’ lower sections. All in all, nothing out of the ordinary for the Republic.

But in recent days, this unrest has increased inexplicably, spreading beyond the Underhives into the Lower Hives. Especially Alba Regia, the seat of government, has been affected.

Cassar Varna is also a part of the Nativist Movement, a faction that recognized the rule of the Emperor of Makind, but campaigns for the governorship to be held by a native Sol Invictan, and not a foreign-born Terran.


Consul Gaius Cassar Varna IV

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