Equester Estenen Furiosa

Equester Publius Estenen Furiosa


Equester Publius Estenen Furiosa ever appears the rich, spoiled, pompous landowner, so typical of Cassandria’s greatest farming estates.

Despite owning the enormous palatial spire, nicknamed the Silver Tower, in Alba Regia on Populonia, Equester Estenen spends most of his time loafing around in his estate on Cassandria.

Estenen has never stood for politics; none in his Clan has, not since his illustrious ancestor brought civil war to Cassandria. However, trinkets of Estenen’s vast fortune have a habit of falling into the pocket of other politically-minded people seeking high office. Their gratitude is then assured. When you’re backed by the money of the powerful Furian Clan, success is almost guaranteed.


Equester Estenen Furiosa

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