Fridric Aquinas, the Preacher

Fridric Aquinas, the Preacher, Vocem Ignis


Fridric Aquinas has gone by many names; the voice of fire, the mad preacher. He was apparently connected with the Cult of the Serpent, a major sect on Populonia.

The preacher was also known for repeated religious outbursts in defiance of Imperial Edict, and was reported to be mentally unstable. Yet local the constabulary, for reasons unknown, never apprehended him.

Update: Fridric Aquinas was killed by an Asartes team in the Forum Amoris of Alba Regia.

The Astartes team was Subsequently attacked by masses of (reportedly) Serpent cultists. Their current status is unknown.


“Vi er Tenets nioghalvfems nøgler, vi åbner porten for vor brødre. Vi er Slanesas seks tusinde hviskende stemmer, vi kalder folket til os. Vi er Nureths syv plager, vi fælder deres fjender. Og med Kanaths mægtige økse, vil vi skære universet åbent.”

Fridric Aquinas, the Preacher

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