Gladius-class Frigate Vampire

Imperial Navy Gladius-class Frigate Vampire, 918th Reserve Group, Battle Group Invictus


The Vampire is an older model Gladius-class frigate of the Imperial Navy. She is a veteran of several engagements of the Great Crusade, going all the way back to Luna. The service record of the Vampire notes nothing out of the ordinary: she served alongside a number of Expedition Fleets, the last being the 33rd Expedition fleet of the Legion IV Iron Warriors.

For the last ten years, the Vampire has been assigned to the Imperial Navy 918th Reserve Group. In this period, she has been frequently chartered out to local shipping companies in Sol Invictus, among them the Free Shipping Guild on Populonia.

The Vampire was between assignments when she, for so far unknown reasons, worked in concert with two rogue Word Bearer Astartes, in an attempt to destroy Terminal 509.

After the failed attempt, she fled to Populonia where her crew disembarked. A shipping manifest intercepted by the Navy, gave the Imperial forces a clue as to her whereabouts, along with a name, Taren Screvel of the Free Shipping Guild in Alba Regia.

An Astartes team was dispatched from Terminal 509 to investigate, and possibly seize or destroy the Vampire. They found the ship, abandoned and in disrepair, but could find no trace of the crew or the captain. The investigation is ongoing.


Gladius-class Frigate Vampire

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