Inguza, Priestess of Slanesa

Inguza, the High Priestess of Slanesa


Her real name is unknown, but it is known that Inguza was once a slave in the harem of the eccentric Upper Hive Equestine Lady Munia Eximus in Alba Regia. For whatever reason, Inguza murdered her mistress and fled into the Under Hive. There she apparently founded the Cult of the Serpent, devoted to Slanesa, the Goddess of Love. Rumour has it that her acolytes kidnap young men and women, and that some of the victims are murdered.

Still, the Cult of the Serpent has managed to attract a substantial following in the Under Hive. Enough to put Inguza at odds with Inanna, the powerful Hive Gang leader.

Inguza is in her late thirties and is currently wanted by the authorities. The Eximus Clan has put a bounty on her head and she is also allegedly on the kill list of Inanna’s Syndicate.


Inguza, Priestess of Slanesa

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