Julia, last name unknown


Julia is a young woman who came upon the Astartes during their imprisonment on Cassandria. Her beauty, helpfulness, and innocence prevented the Astartes from retaliating against her, despite her affiliation with the vile Cult of the Serpent.


Though of unknown background, she had a strong hiveworlder dialect. It is likely she relocated to Cassandria along with the Cultists who occupied the prison complex.

She freed the players thus aiding their escape from the clutches of the Word Bearers. She seemed genuinely shocked by the treatment the Astartes had suffered at the hands of the Traitors, explaining that she thought the Cult of the Serpent was something else. It is evident that she, not unlike many other mortals have been deluded by the Word Bearers talk of the Emperor as a God.

She disappeared during the escape. Her current whereabouts are unknown.


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