Remembrancer Agathe

Remembrancer Agathe, imagist, Remembrancer Order


Jasmin Agathe is an imagist of the Remembrancer Order

Agathe grew up in a middle class abode in one the hives of Hy Brasil on Terra. She became fascinated with documenting hive life, and worked many dangerous jobs to earn money for her first picter. Once obtained, she traveled far and wide inside the teeming hive, often crossing deep down into dangerous gang land territories, or far up into the world of the wealthy.

She could always talk her way out of any incident she stumbled into with her picter, even going as far as avoiding execution as a spy, at the hands of the powerful gang lord Torbias Bora, by photo documenting his domain.

She lived in relative obscurity until her famous hive life images caught the attention of Remembrancer Senra Syn.

Syn brought Agathe into the Order, and brought her along on the 12th Expedition of Lord Roboute Guilliman.

Agathe earned a reputation as a trouble maker, as she found it very hard to stay out of the areas marked “stay out”. One more than one occasion, stoic faced Astartes of the Ultramarines marched her back into the Remembrancer quarters, because she accidentally stumbled into Astartes armories or training facilities. Senra Syn always managed to talk the irritated ship captain to not blast Agathe out of the airlock.

Agathe and Senra Syn is currently awaiting transit clearance for departure to Ultramar.

Remembrancer Agathe

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