Remembrancer Olestyn

Remembrancer Olestyn, historiographer, Remembrancer Order


Ovan Olestyn is a historiographer of the Remembrancer Order.

Born in one of the teeming hives of Terra, Ovan Olestyn grew up in squalid poverty.

He soon fell in with a youth gang, but a potential criminal career was cut short, when he was caught during a bungled burglary. While in custody, he impressed his captors during interrogation, and they decided to give him a chance to prove himself.

Olestyn proved unfit for the strict discipline of Imperial military school, but he nevertheless managed to graduate without too many infractions. His great skills as a historiographer should have seen him assigned to one of the most important expeditionary fleets, perhaps even the Warmaster’s own. Alas, his commoner background saw him passed over time and again. Undaunted, he eventually managed to use his contacts to secure an assignment for the 28th Expedition of Lord Fulgrim.

Currently, he is waiting for transit clearance in the civilian section of Terminal 509.

Remembrancer Olestyn

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