Remembrancer Oriana Vandy

Lady Oriana Vandy, Countess of Lyeania, documentarist, Remembrancer Order


The Countess of Lyeania, Lady Oriana Vandy, is a member of an ancient aristocratic family of Terra.

The first Count of Lyeania rose to prominence during the unification Wars, as a staunch supporter of the Emperor. This support paid off, and today Lyeania occupies a cozy place in the Imperial hierarchy.

The currently most notable member of the Lyeanian Clan, is the young Lady Vandy.
Despite being only 21 years of age, she already has three failed marriages behind her. Indeed she is ever followed around by the whiff of scandal, whether allegations of various types of enhancing surgery, ludicrous spending sprees, or rumors of numerous lovers.

Lady Vandy joined the Remembrancer Order after finding life in the gilded palaces of Terra “terribly tedious”. She is completely unimpressed by the Astartes, who she refers to as “stoic bores”. Nevertheless, she relishes the chance to visit exotic new places, and she never misses the opportunity to visit the Sol Invictus system, where long-time friend Estenen Furiosa resides.

Despite the fact that most low-born Remembrancer usually flock sycophantically around the aristocrats, Lady Vandy has never managed to garner many followers. Perhaps, it is because that to the great consternation of her fellow Remembrancers, she is actually very good at what she does, whether as an imagist, sculptor, or documentarist.

She is constantly escorted by two bodyguards Jorvall-Iron-Arm and Nkunda the Mercenary, former gladiators, recruited by the Countess.

Remembrancer Oriana Vandy

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