The 101st Parthian Assault Engineers

101st Parthian Assault Engineers


“Glory for the first to die, charge!” – Lieutenant-Colonel Samani Sasaan

A terran unit, the 101st Parthian Assault Engineers is a part of a long line of military units raised and financed by the Parthian House of the Achaemenid Empire for the Emperor’s Unification Wars.

Few of the original Unification-Era Parthian units are still around by this point, most units having been disbanded or amalgamated into already existing units over the last century. For example, the 101st is constituted by several other former assault units.

Most of the Parthian assault engineers have been recruited in the fortress settlements of the Khurasan province of the old Achaemenid Empire. They are expert miners and counter-miners, but also excel in storming assaults with explosives and flamers.

The 101st recently served alongside several companies of the VII Legion Astartes ( Imperial Fists) on Cold Grave, where the unit suffered heavy casualties.

They are on their way back to Terra to reform.


•101st Damascene Assault Engineers (600 men and women, ground assault engineers). This battalion is still reforming after suffering 40% casualties storming an Ork stronghold on Cold Grave. It was scheduled to be assigned to the 28th Expedition Fleet of the XV Legion Astartes ( Thousand Sons) after reforming. This assignment has been revoked. A new assignment is pending.

The 101st Parthian Assault Engineers

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