The 118th Silesian Grenadier-Guard

118th Silesian Grenadier-Guard Regiment “Old Glory”


The 118th Silesian Grenadier-Guard Regiment “Old Glory” is an honored part of the Old Hundred Terran regiments. They originated in the Silesian territories bordering Jermania.

They served on the Emperor’s side during the Unification Wars as the 118th Silesian Regiment, earning numerous combat honors, among them the Grenadier-Guard title. As the Unification Wars ended and the Great Crusade began, they were reformed as a mechanized infantry regiment, retaining their glorious title and their reputation as an elite fighting formation.

They have served in numerous compliance operations, mostly alongside the X Legion ( Iron Hands) during the Great Crusade. Primarch Ferrus Manus of said legion is an honorary member of the regiment.

Their current commander is Colonel Voislav Nikolay.


•118th Silesian Grenadier-Guard Regiment “Old Glory” (20.000 men, 1.800 armored personnel carriers). The regiment is scheduled to be assigned to the 52nd Expedition Fleet of the X Legion Astartes ( Iron Hands).

The 118th Silesian Grenadier-Guard

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