Loyalty and Honor


skal lige rulles først, men regner med noget omkring 50 i alt


Growing up on Caliban I saw the remarkable changes the Lion brought with him. Safety from the great beasts and uniting the knightly orders, was all done in a decade. But when the Emperor came to Caliban, I knew I would join the great crusade. If we could do for other worlds, what the Empire had done for us, it must be a great cause. I was 13 and eager to learn and to be a knight of the order… The Dark Angels.
Much of the orders training had changed since the Space Marines of the first Legion got here. Riding was now only teached to the scouts, and almost no horses was used anymore. Now we had motorized bikes and something called Landspeeders witch hovered in the air like some sort of magic. Much of the training revolved around shooting, but not just the pistols the knights had before. Now there were guns as big as men, capable of melting inch thick steel and turning man into dust. I knew I wanted to use those guns to fulfill my destiny and the Emperors will… to purge the enemies of the empire.
“Loyalty and honor”
Many years have passed since then, and though my life has already been long, my body shows no signs of its age. What´s left of it, because the implants and treatments we got in the process of becoming Space Marines altered our appearance and made us into gods of war. The training never ends, but I have just become a Knight of the Order, of the Dark Angels.
I was excited to be chosen, together with 400 of my battle brothers, to join the great crusade led by the Lion himself. The destination and mission of the 4th expeditionary fleet was only known by the Lion and Luther.
On the way to glory my squad of heavy weapon specialists was sent a different place. We were headed for Terra. The place where it all began according to the stories, but why…

Will I ever se my beloved Caliban again, or will my duty to the Emporer claim me in glorious battle.


Immortal Emperor mrrubaek