Situation Report 2

Situation Report, mutiny in Sol Invictus 013.M31


This is a report on the current threat level in the Sol Invictus system. It has been compiled by the Logis Strategos.

Opposing forces, strength estimates:

  • Populonia (50% Imperial 50% Rebel)
  • Cassandria (100% Imperial)
  • Volscia (100% Imperial)
  • Caligine (Update: lost)
  • Sol Invictus Naval Station (100% Imperial)
  • Naval capacity (100% Imperial 0% Rebel)
  • Overall (90% Imperial 10% Rebel)

Active Imperial Forces

  • Thien’s Loyalist Astartes
  • Gallus’ Loyalist Astartes
  • Populonian Planetary Defence Forces
  • Populonian Extraordinari
  • Cassandrian Extraordinari Corps
  • Auxillary Cruiser Independence
  • Strike Cruiser Covenant (captured)

Active Rebel Forces

  • Halrun Hal’s (Word Bearers) Astartes
  • Cult of the Serpent (estimate: several million)
  • Suspected Cult of the Serpent presence on Cassandria
  • Navy Frigate Vampire

Current assessment:
Loyalist forces in process of making landfall on Populonia. Imminent defeat of rebel forces expected.
System governor secured and in process of being escorted to Cassandria by loyalist auxiliary cruiser Independence commanded by Navy Captain Borsk Alfidus.

Update 1

  • Astartes Terminal 509 destroyed, but Astartes saved.
  • Cassandrian Extraordinari dispatched by Equester Estenen Furiosa onroute to assist Loyalist forces on Populonia. Their timely arrival saved the Populonian Extraordinari and PDF from total collapse.

Update 2

  • Hammer One directive ensured an emergency message to Naval station Sol Invictus. Imperial task force dispatched to Populonia under the command of Major-General Jorgal Tullius.
  • Governor Pravius Agrippas rescued from traitor assassination attempt
  • Word Bearers task force destroyed on Populonia by loyalist Astartes.
  • Traitor frigate Vampire out of action

Situation Report 2

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