Caligine II

Harvester by adam burn

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Classification: Mining World

Population: 300 (Custodial staff)

Important personae:

Tithe Grade:

Geography/Demography: Caligine II is a small moon orbiting the Gas Giant Caligine. Before the Great Crusade, Caligine II was a bustling mining world that at its peak employed more than 3,000,000 people. This population lived in cramped conditions while reinforced domes protected the workers from the vacuum of space. Large quantities of precious minerals were mined and transported to Populonia on a daily basis.

As the Great Crusade opened the Galaxy, the great mining guilds left Caligine II for less inhospitable mining worlds.

The only currently operating mining facility is Leviathan Station.

Governmental Type: None

Adeptus Presence: TBA

Military: None

Major sites of importance:

Mining Station Leviathan


Caligine II

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