Collegia Titanica

Battle line of imperial titans
Battle line of Imperial Titans


The Collegia Titanica is the section of the Adeptus Mechanicus that includes the Imperial Titans, the colossal god-machines. The Collegia is also known as the “Adeptus Titanicus”

Titan Legions are the main military forces of the Collegia, and each, as self-sufficient units, includes its own ground combat troops and support staff in addition to its Titans.

Each Legion is based on its own Forge World – most Forge Worlds having one (or in the case of Volscia several) Titan Legions.

Legion strength is typically around 50 operational engines. Battle losses can take centuries to replace, as the construction of a new Titan is a long and laborious process. The Warlord is the most commonly found class while the Imperator is by far the most formidable.

Titan Legions are deployed only in the most vital campaigns and on battlefields that will allow them the room to manoeuvre and unleash the full power of their colossal weaponry.

The Collegia Titanica on Volscia

The mighty Collegia Titanica is well represented on the Forge world of Volscia. In the early days of the Great Crusade, Volscia was the home of three entire Titan Legions. Now, only two legions; Legio Domitianus (The Death Riders) and Legio Fulminata (The Storm Hounds), remain. Yet the two legions have a proud history of serving the Great Crusade, with both legions currently having engines assigned to the expedition fleets.

Imperial Titan Types

“Target two… uhm… flat, Princeps.” – after Imperius Dictatio stomped on an Ork dreadnought

Imperial Titan Weaponry

Armaments on Scout Titans

(Reaver-class Titans can also employ Scout Titan weapons)

Armaments on Battle Titans

Armaments on on the Imperator-Class Titans

Non-Titan Walkers – The Knightly Orders


Collegia Titanica

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