Field Army

Field Army
The field army is similar to a standard Imperial army unit. They wear grey jackets and grey trousers with a black flack vest. Their helmet is black with a colored stripe denoting their regiment. They are armed with standard issue Lasguns. The field army has tank squadrons, who, unlike the tank units of the Extraordinari, are scattered among the infantry as support weapons. The Extraordinari find their new recruits among the hardened veterans of the Field Army.

Citizen Militia
The volunteer militia is relic of the citizen armies of the past. The men and women of the militia drill once every (local) month, though some units drill more often. Populonia has several million militia members registered. Cassandria has around twenty thousand registered, most of them estate owners and their retinues of armed overseers. The primary purpose of the Cassandria militia is to crush any potential slave revolt. Their uniform and equipment is similar to the field Army, though many militia members purchase additional gear to suit local conditions.

Current forces of the Field army

  • 1st (Populonian) Field Army “Primus” (390.000 regular troops, for the most part veterans)
  • 2nd (Cassandrian) Field Army “Secundus” (60.000 regular troops, for the most part veterans, despite their name, they are all recruited and stationed on Populonia)
  • Army Group Vigilant (1.195.000 regular troops, five field armies, demobilized)
  • Army Group Crusader (1.117.000 regular troops, three field armies, away on Crusade)
  • Army Group Righteous (1.560.000 regular troops, four field armies, demobilized)
  • Populonian Militia “The Hawks” (30 million irregular troops, demobilized)
  • Cassandrian Militia “The Old Guard” (20.000 irregular troops, demobilized)


Field Army

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