Thousand Sons

Legion XV- Thousand Sons

“The only good is knowledge and the only evil is ignorance.” – Ahriman, Chief Librarian of the Thousand Sons

Ahriman   bodyguard

Starting bonus: +3 INT + 3 WP

The thousands have no solo ability. Instead any class my buy Librarian skills as if a lvl 1 librarian – but may only chose codexs powers. All classes starts with 1 PR rating(thus the librarian starts with 4 PR). Only Librarians may have more than 3 PR.


Logic +10

Lore: forbidden(any)200Skill
Lore: forbidden(any) +10300Skillforbidden(any)
forbidden(any) +20300Skillforbidden(any) +10
Tech Use200Skill
Talented Tech Use200SkillTech Use
Logic +10200Skill
Logic +20 200Skill
Evaluate 200Skill
Evaluate +10200SkillEvaluate
Evaluate +20200SkillEvaluate +10
Perfect Recall1000Talent
Psy Rating 21000Talent
Psy Rating 31000TalentRating 2
Strong Minded500Talent
Scrutiny500TalentSure Strike
Warp Sense500Talent
Warp Affinity500Talent


Thousand Sons

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