Turbo-laser Destructor

The Turbo-Laser Destructor is a potent laser-based energy weapon typically mounted on Imperial Titans, but employed elsewhere in the Imperium on other super-heavy vehicles. Typically mounted in groups of two or three to inflict as much damage as possible, the weapon is best employed against other superheavy vehicles due to its long range and consentrated destructive power.

Twin-linked Turbo-Lasers are commonly carried by Warhound Titans, they are also sometimes fitted to the carapace hard-point of the larger Reaver Titans.

Laser Blaster (Triple-Barrelled)
The Laser Blaster is essentially three Turbo-Laser barrels mounted together on a single hard-point. These are commonly found on the on the Reaver and Warlord Battle Titans. The Imperator class titan can also carry one or more Laser Blasters on its carapace hard-points

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Turbo-laser Destructor

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