The Cult of the Serpent

Cult of the Serpent


The Cult of the Serpent is devoted to Slanesa, the Goddess of Love.

The cult has managed to attract a substantial following in the Under Hive. Enough to put it at odds with Inanna, the powerful Hive Gang leader.

Update: the Cult staged a massive ambush on a squad of Imperial Astartes. The captives were transported to a holding facility on Cassandria.

This ambush was the opening shot for the Cult’s attempt to usurp power on Populonia. Cultists have stormed armories, or had them opened to them by insiders, and have begun arming their members. The PDF have mobilized, but the numbers brought to bear against them, have seen them hard pressed, and pushed out of the Middle Hive. Sporadic fighting has also been reported in the underhive, where hive gangs attempt to stem the tide of the Cult.


The Cult of the Serpent

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