The 9th Iron Guards


“My men and women are not Astartes, this I know. But as long as they have the courage to charge into hell itself, it really doesn’t matter.” – Colonel Aldo Tercius, commander

The 9th Iron Guards are a mechanized infantry regiment in the Imperial Army. They have been on campaign for the Emperor of Mankind for the better part of 150 years. Colonel Aldo Tercius has commanded them for the last thirty years.

Due to their brutal and relentless frontal assault tactics, the regiment has suffered atrocious casualties in the Great Crusade. Yet, still do the men and women from the regimental homeworld of Vindolanda flock to the banners of the 9th, for there is great honour in serving in the Iron Guards.


•9th Iron Guards Regiment “Forlorn Hope” (20.000 men, 2.000 armored personnel carriers, 27 SPG’s). The regiment is scheduled to be assigned to the 4th Expedition Fleet of the I Legion Astartes ( Dark Angles).

The 9th Iron Guards

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