Farming unit 992x340

System reference:

Classification: Agriworld

Population: 2.5 Billion

Important personae: Consul Gaius Cassar Varna IV, Equester Estenen Furiosa, Equestine Nasreen Idriss Horatii, Equester Aldur von Kleist IV, Equestine Shimra de Morgny

Tithe Grade:

Geography/Demography: Cassandria is a veritable paradise/hell depending on where you’re placed in the food chain. For the noble families this is a haven of excess, with slaves to cater to their every whim. For the urban craftsman, it is possible to make a comfortable existence, with hard work and an entrepeneuring spirit. For the slave laboring in the fields of Cassandria, there is nothing but work and sleep. Everything dictated by his master, he is under constant threat, as his master may punish him for any slight, real or imagined.

Governmental Type: Republic Oligarchy in unison with Populonia

Adeptus Presence: There is a small presence of Adeptus Mechanicum, from the Magos Biologis, concerned with the unique wildlife of Cassandria. Adeptus Terra representatives are only present in limited numbers, as the tithes of Sol Invictus has been constant for the past 175 years, and the mustering of Imperial Army assets are made at Populonia. The Adeptus Arbites has only a symbolic presence, as the nobles of Sol Invictus have been quite capable of suppressing any unrest that may be.

Military: Each noble house has a local bodyguard of Extraordinari, that varies in size with the wealth of the family in question. The Furian family bodyguard numbers over 700 of the gene-hanced soldiers.

Major sites of importance:
Allecto (Capitol)
Ager Sanguinis
Furian Estate
Von Kleist Estate
Horatian Estate



Immortal Emperor Hexenhammer