Populonians are all a bunch of fast-talking braggarts, at least if you ask the rural populace of Cassandria. This assessment is probably not far off. Even the poorest citizen of Populonia takes great pride in his or her city, neighborhood, and status, and they will tell every visitor they meet.

No city defines the citizenry of Populonia more than the population of Alba Regia Hive City.

Like all hive cities across the Imperium, Alba Regia is home to countless teeming billions divided into a number of zones according to their status:

For most people, life in Alba Regia is tough. Conditions are squalid and unsanitary. The very air breathed by the countless hivers is recycled from the spire above and pumped through the rest of the city, growing ever more bitter and poisonous the further down it filters. Even the water is distilled from the discharge of the Upper Hive, and food is factory-produced, sometimes algae-based or spun from corpse starch. Pollution and overcrowding are the least of the hivers’ woes, as gang violence and outright anarchy is part of everyday life, particularly in the lower levels. Most hivers know only their own hive-city and do not leave it during their lifetime. They never see the sky or set foot on the surface of their own planet. Their life is one of servitude in a manufactorum, coupled with a struggle for survival in the crime-ridden habitat-levels. Those few that do manage to leave Humilis are often of a nervous disposition, and suffer terribly from agoraphobia.



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